Review: Tasting Temptation-Aria Glazki

Friday, August 26, 2016

Tasting Temptation
Series: book 2
Genre: romance
Pages: 352
Rating: four stars

After last summer’s failed attempt at romance, Gina is absolutely done with men. And especially with millionaires. She has a good job as a fashion editor and amazing friends, and she’s decided she needs nothing else. All she really misses is the sex. But that rush just isn’t worth the risk of being ensnared in another relationship. When the hot bartender at her best friend’s Sonoma wedding suggests some harmless stress relief, she takes him up on the offer. When it’s sufficiently satisfactory, she indulges in a repeat—for the road. When she learns he’s actually the wealthy owner of the vineyard, the mix of fury and fear is damped only by the knowledge that she never has to see him again.

Hunter Cavaliere is determined to honor his grandfather’s legacy, and so far, he’s right on track. The vineyard is thriving, he has plans for expansion, and his wines speak for themselves. The only thing missing is the right woman to share it all. But through his grandparents’ marriage, Hunter learned what true love is, and he’s unwilling to settle for anything else. A woman who judges him because of his money definitely isn’t high up on his list. Still, when circumstance unbelievably keeps bumping him into the intriguing brunette from Portland, he can’t shake the feeling that she is someone he should pursue.

Gina’s poised to run the other way, but one more taste of Hunter may just prove too tempting to resist.

*I received this in exchange for an honest review*

This story is emotionally gripping and explosive at the same time. I haven't read the first book in this series, but I may just go back and read it after this one. I didn't feel like I missed any vital parts because I didn't read the first one, which was great. I hate feeling like there's something I don't know. Glazki really knows how to write a book, and she keeps your attention with real situations and hot men.

I love hot men.

Gina has gone through a lot. She's been torn around physically and emotionally by men so she comes to the conclusion that she doesn't need them. Except, of course, to sate her primal needs. But she's in no way looking for an attachment, or the dreaded word: a boyfriend. Yuck. I love Gina. Despite everything she's gone through, she really is a fighter and doesn't ever stop. She's brave and strong, and someone I strive to be.

But her plans don't go to plan.

Because hot man.

Hunter-just that name alone-is hot. Am I saying that too much? Oh, who cares. Hunter is a bartender at Gina's best friends wedding, and offers Gina a nice little reprieve with no strings attached. Well, we always know how that ends. She finds out that he's like a billionaire-that's a no no-and owns a vineyard. The vineyard is a legacy from his grandparents, a couple who was so in love, Hunter wants the exact same thing with someone. Who doesn't? But he doesn't need someone who judges him before of his money.

But, man, Gina keeps showing up and Hunter is falling.

I loved them together. From the moment they met I thought my Kindle was going to explode. These two needed to get together pronto. And they did. This does have a lot of sexual scenes in it, so if that's not your thing... But it's my thing and I loved it. Despite there being a lot of that, the story is full of real emotions and thoughts of insecurities and doubts, much like we all have. I felt connected to Gina and rooted for her.

I loved the writing style and the side characters. The vineyard was described so well, I thought I was there. It's a gripping, emotionally read, and I loved it.


  1. I loved this book too. Great review!
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Thanks! I love your blog! It looks so professional. Hopefully mine will get to that!